She Sure isn't a Morning Puppy

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365 Sketches - #17/365

365 Sketches - #17/365
Cleo is not a morning puppy. Once even a soft light is on early, she says "too early." I can understand that. I am tired too. Tiggy would not stay still so I sketched a stuffed toy in her place.


Yep, we still call Cleo a puppy although she is a big girl now! :).

What about you? Are you a morning person? Are your animals? 

 If you want to see how Cleo looks, you can hop on over here to this blog post to see what a cute fluff she is! The video is a bit older but she is still super fluffy (and she still loves those frisbees!).

I'm still working on the new horse drawing and trying to remember to take progress pictures as I get work done. That way, I can include some of those pictures in one of the upcoming newsletters. 

Some of the sketches from the 365 sketches project gets listed for sale here on the website. Make sure to visit the sketches category if you are interested.

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  • Gunilla on

    thanks everyone :)

    The cats are definitely more of morning types than Cleo lol. They try to wake me up very early usually! :)

  • Mary Beth aka TheTwistedRedhead on

    Both of my canines are of the morning variety…the up before dawn variety. Fortunately, I’m an a.m. person too so we’re synched! Nice post and lovely sketches!

  • Jo perez on

    Sketching and writing each day…lovely!

  • Lisa B. on

    Lovely sketch. I’m definitely a morning person. Up with the birds at 5:15am everyday …the cat is always waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs!
    Lisa :)

  • Natalie on

    My dog, Mocha is 15 yrs old and I do think he’s my puppy by heart. I’m definitely a morning person. :-)

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