Pencil Sketches of Horses and Cats

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365 Sketches - #18/365 - Horses and Cats


365 Sketches - #18/365
Evening. Very tired. Cats keeping me company.


That's about it too. I was very tired but determined to work on my sketch project even if it was late in the evening. As you can tell from the sketches, the cats were very interested.

365 Sketches - #19/365 - Horses and Palm Trees

365 Sketches - #19/365
A study of horse nostrils and palm trees, and a gecko!


We just miss Hawaii a lot. Plus I love geckos!

365 Sketches - #20/365 - Horses Racing

365 Sketches - #20/365
Horses racing - a preliminary sketch. Or two.


Horses are awesome.

365 Sketches - #21/365 - Horse sketch and Hawaii inspiration

Sketch #21/365
Horses. Sketching out ideas.


The weather is pretty nice here today although so far it is overcast. Going to get some more work done in the studio today on the new drawing. It is starting to come together nicely.


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  • Michelle from Polkadot Orchid on

    I’ve never been around horses enough to notice the variations in their nostrils, but I can see how they would be as important they are for getting the right look for a horse as doing hand studies for a human.

  • Jennifer from AZ Desert Creations on

    Love seeing your sketches!!

  • Gunilla on

    thanks Debbie :)

  • Ewenique on

    Hawaii is a beautiful place indeed! Good work on the sketches. :)

  • Gunilla on

    Thank you Anna :)

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