Beautiful Horse 29, a WIP

artwork in progress horses

Today I thought I would share with you a work in progress of my popular drawing "Beautiful Horse 29." This shows you a little bit of the process that went into creating this very detailed horse drawing. Most of my drawings take many hours to put together. Even ACEO cards can take quite a while to complete if a lot of detail although small miniature artworks. "Beautiful Horse 29" is 9" x 12".

]Beautiful horse29 pencil drawing Gunilla Wachtel

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  • AZ Desert Creations on

    AMAZING and WONDERFUL art!!!

  • Cathy Morgan on

    Just beautiful.

  • Julie and Blu on

    Great post. Love to see the process that you take when you create. Thank you for sharing, and I have passed this along to others.
    Julie and Blu

  • Putman Lake Designs on

    Wonderful progression of the shape to a fully finished drawing. I always have such envy for those that can draw!

  • Christie on

    Beautiful horse! It’s neat to see the process of your artwork.

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