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Squirrel!!!! I think, as I recall hearing it in some movies in regards to dogs noticing squirrels. I'm not sure all dogs are nuts (ha!) about squirrels, I know our Cleo, never has been to interested in them. She thinks they are cute! (Groundhogs, that is a different story altogether).

Watch this video and:

  • see my sketching process for creating this drawing in charcoal
  • see what types of tool I used to create this squirrel

In today's video, I draw a cute squirrel!

What are your thoughts on squirrels? Let me know in comments!

About Gunilla Wachtel: Gunilla is an intuitive equine and other animal artist. Her creative mission is to create compelling, detailed and dynamic drawings that deepen people's connection to animals as well as to inspire them to connect more with animals.

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