Studio Thursday: Some Random Thoughts on Cash Flow

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The fine art prints that we had listed on the site until recently, are very nice, high quality prints. They really do look fantastic. However, I have to consider the cash flow for the business and I have to pay the printer up front (of course) and then when the money comes in from the customer then that helps cover those costs. 

With the car quitting on us and us having to get a new car (at least we were able to I suppose), I have to cut costs for my business. Until sales pick up (consistently), I can't do the prints unless through Zazzle or something (which doesn't help build my business as much, but that's another story). 

I may or may not have to cancel my art class as well, but I'll give it some more time to see.

So for now, I will keep the website pretty much how it is I think (maybe adding some aceo cards), but I also list some things on eBay and you can check those out if you want.

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