Tuxie and Blazey At It Again Cat Antics and Horse Art

365 Sketches - #15/365

365 Sketches - #15/365
Too. Early. Zzzzz..........


Tuxie and Blazey found one of the kids' toys and found it awesome that it made cool sounds. Loud sounds. It took me about maybe 20 min to get my eyes open enough that I could walk into the studio, which was about 6 am. I closed the door. Within 30 seconds, there were the cats. So, I opened the door and they came to check stuff out. Boxes are fun. Running around my feet a bit is fun too apparently. With all this going on, I somehow still got my sketch done for today although I'm not thrilled with the result on some of the mini sketches. 

Do your animals ever wake you up a little too early? What do they do to get your attention?

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Julie and Blu

Your kits just wanted to see if you wanted to come and play with them.

Blu used to before he turned 10, but now (he’s 12), it’s us that have to wake him up. However, once he’s up, he’s raring to go! He used to get up on the side of the bed and push his cold nose into your face to see if you wanted to go for a walk at 6 a.m. Kinda miss that :)


LOL Jennifer. Animals are awesome though :)

Jennifer from AZ Desert Creations

Cats and Dogs love waking their humans early. Super fun times. Sometimes worse than kids LOL My cats will talk really loud and grab your face and make you look at them :)

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