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The eye-strain is back. Well it sort of comes and goes really, it pretty much went away for a while. This morning when I was waking up, and more tired than usual even, my left eyelid/eye muscles were twitching. Hours later it still comes and goes. Having had to work with a way too bright monitor for way too long put its strain on my eyes. After so long we were able to get a new monitor and it helped for a while, until that monitor got brighter too. (Re-calibrating it constantly only helps for a little bit. I do reset the color calibration basics daily).

Turns out this monitor (an ASUS widescreen monitor - really not considering buying another ASUS monitor after this), has pixel spots (and the monitor is not very old at all). That being said, the video card has been acting up for some time and is causing some of the brightness as well. Lately I have been working more on the computer. I've tried to get caught up on listing items, promoting etc. I also been very tired lately. It got better so I started working more on the computer.

My hubby has been helpful and helped out around the house as well as helped me with the promoting although he is not a fan of most social media sites. Isn't he just awesome?? :)

I will be having to cut down on how often I list. Somehow I take a while to list one item even. I try to make sure all the details are correct, proper category etc and that I have good product pictures. (Which I try to prepare before I list an item so I don't have to do all the computer time at once). I really try to get a lot of work done on the business daily which apparently I now have to take it a bit easier with.

As much as I like to list my items and work on the computer, I know I for a bit have to take it a bit easier with the white backgrounds. I've considering making my website background darker too (too bad I can't change the admin dashboard to be darker though!). Games aren't as bad at all, so if you know me in game (for the online games that I like), you might see me more online for the next week... (okay hubby... maybe next two weeks...). :)

Thank you for your understanding.

In case you were wondering, this little girl right here (no NOT me!!), Blazey that is, has been quite adamant lately about keeping me off the computer. I have tried to listen to her, but, apparently, I have to listen to her better.

If you would like to help the new video cards fund (hubby's pc quit working and we are now sharing my computer), you know what to do! :)

Ha en bra dag (Enjoy your day)!

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