Beautiful Horse 29, a WIP

Today I thought I would share with you a work in progress of my popular drawing "Beautiful Horse 29." This shows you a little bit of the process that went into creating this very detailed horse drawing. Most of my drawings take many hours to put together. Even ACEO cards can take quite a while to complete if a lot of detail although small miniature artworks. "Beautiful Horse 29" is 9" x 12".

]Beautiful horse29 pencil drawing Gunilla Wachtel


AZ Desert Creations


Cathy Morgan

Just beautiful.

Julie and Blu

Great post. Love to see the process that you take when you create. Thank you for sharing, and I have passed this along to others.
Julie and Blu

Putman Lake Designs

Wonderful progression of the shape to a fully finished drawing. I always have such envy for those that can draw!


Beautiful horse! It’s neat to see the process of your artwork.

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