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Horses and Orcas - Pages from the Sketchbook #55 and #56

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My creative sketchbook project, Pages from the Sketchbook continues. Here are some horse sketches for sketch #55 and for #56 some perspective sketching showing a tropical city skyline and in the foreground is an orca family out for a swim.  With my sketchbook you can follow along on my creative journey. Ha en fin dag! (Have a nice day!) Sign up for the newsletter for behind the scenes info and more. If you enjoyed this post, I'd appreciate if you'd help spread it by emailing it to a friend or sharing it on your favorite social media networks. Thank you!! Gunilla Wachtel...

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Story behind Artwork - Orca Breaching 42

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Orca Breaching 42 - a pencil drawing This drawing of an orca breaching is one of my favorite drawings. I love orcas. They are so majestic and intelligent animals. Their black and white clear contrasting colors create a beautiful simplicity and elegance. Their colors also work nicely for pencil drawings, but I also love to paint them. I try to focus on my pencil drawings but at times I also like to do some painting. I chose the blue driftwood frame for this drawing because it really complemented the feel of the ocean setting. Ha en bra dag! (Enjoy your...

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Orca ACEO Original Painting Blackfish Killer Whale - eBay auction

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This orca ACEO is listed at eBay auction starting at one penny! Click here to bid. What is an ACEO?  ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals. The standard ACEO card size is 2.5 x 3.5 Inches. This is the same size as a sports trading card. They are highly collectible works of art. ACEO's fit nicely inside trading card albums, collector albums or for example greeting cards. ACEO cards can be framed individually or several to make an eye-catching collage. ACEO's are just perfect for small gifts as well as party favors.   Ha en bra dag (Enjoy...

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Orcas, Horses, a Tabby and a very Cute and Persuasive Tuxedo Kitty

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365 Sketches - #34/365 Tiggy is cute, but she won't stay still for sketches. Orcas, horses and a tabby.   I was going to save to scan in this sketch page of horses, orcas and the little Tiggy until another day later in the week. This morning though, Tuxie especially has been following me around the house. I forgot something upstairs so I have to go get that. Then I realize I needed something else from the upstairs studio (no laptop yet so I have to use the desktop pc down here). Every time Tuxie came with me. Then when...

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Animal Paintings Horses Orcas and the Weather

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And another project bites the dust. You might have noticed that the 36 Paintings in 36 Days took a break... in fact I think I'm going to have to save projects like that for a while. It seems as if I start a new project things come up that pushes the project off. For example, this time it was the weather. Yes, the weather. I'll tell you why. Snow + Ice + Warmer weather + Rain = Towels We had gotten lots of snow and ice. Then the weather heated up temporarily and with that, came the rain. Lots of...

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