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Newfoundland Dog - Always There - eBay auction

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"Always There" - 6 x 6 acrylic painting - eBay auction This original Newfoundland dog painting is titled "Always There." In the creative process of this painting, I was inspired by the concept of "the rainbow bridge" as well as the beauty of the Newfoundland dog. The wonderful thing with art is that each person can see something new and completely different in the artwork. What I envisioned with this painting was that whether in the present or a time after one's Newfoundland dog has passed over the rainbow bridge, they are "always there." I chose to make the silhouette newf...

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Acrylic Markers, Ballpoint Pen - Sketches of Animals

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  365 Sketches - #30/365 Some random sketches. Acrylic markers and ballpoint pen.   Busy day today. I have a couple of ACEO cards to list as well as gathering sketch ideas etc for my next drawing. As I'm trying to post this, Tiggy chimes in. Literally, I guess, really. She is meowing up a storm. When we adopted Tiggy at about a year old, she was already set in her ways as an indoor/outdoor cat. When she doesn't get to go out when she wants to, she will meow in the most annoying way. Repeatedly. If I don't pay...

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ACEO Cards - new items in shop

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I just added some ACEO cards to my shop and will be adding more. This is a different product line then my other artwork and so it has a different pricing structure. I thought I'd share my newest listings with you today. Enjoy!   If you liked these original ACEO cards, I'd appreciate if you would share the post either via email or via your favorite social network. Thanks! Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in ArtKanweienea Kreations

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Animal Paintings Horses Orcas and the Weather

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And another project bites the dust. You might have noticed that the 36 Paintings in 36 Days took a break... in fact I think I'm going to have to save projects like that for a while. It seems as if I start a new project things come up that pushes the project off. For example, this time it was the weather. Yes, the weather. I'll tell you why. Snow + Ice + Warmer weather + Rain = Towels We had gotten lots of snow and ice. Then the weather heated up temporarily and with that, came the rain. Lots of...

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