Artist Blog

  • Update from the studio

    Hi everyone, I'm going to try to update this blog more rather than social media. I do plan to keep social media updated as well. I haven't streamed...
  • Happy Holidays

    Wishing you all happy holidays! At this time any products ordered won't get delivered until after the holidays. I'll be working on creating new art...
  • Art streams

    I will try to start up the art streams again soon. Things to keep in mind is that the webcam isn't the greatest nor is the lighting. I'm still work...
  • Laptop - loading please wait

    My old laptop has been a good laptop. However the past couple of weeks it has acted up more and more and its internet connection is really slow. Pl...
  • Studio update

    Still working on drawings etc and will post updates when can.
  • Horseback adventures

    The other day we got to go horseback riding. It had been a couple of years since I got to go horseback riding last. It was so much fun though, alth...
  • Shipping and order deadlines

    Update on shipping and order deadlines!
  • A note about Black Friday sale this year

    This year, I'm not planning on doing any Black Friday sales. rather just focusing on continuing creating a new drawing series.
  • Hello

    Not all these blog posts will have pictures. I know that may seem odd for an artist's blog and perhaps it is. However, when I try to include pictur...
  • This should be fast... right?

    Hi, Last week I started re-arranging the studio a bit. I thought it would take me ten minutes... During the day I had thought of different ways to ...
  • Work in progress update, shoes art study

    No AC, so fans are running to keep studio cooler. Getting some work done on these shoes. Just a practice piece, but quite challenging.
  • Artwork in progress update

    I got a little bit more work done on this drawing. I like this technique although I still prefer traditional graphite pencil.