Dynamic animal drawings that deepen and strengthen your connection to animals. 

Let's get real. Animals can be a lot easier to deal with than people in general. Growing up a true animal lover, you may sometimes find it difficult to connect with people. You find that animals are truer, more genuine and much more upfront about how they feel than most humans. You have an innate feeling that animals not only possess these beautiful qualities but that they also are sentient beings with their own thoughts, feelings, and soul.

You find that if someone else is a true animal lover as well, that difficulty communicating with people, kind of just goes away. You're a different person around animals, more confident, more Zen and happier. It's as if, when you talk to another true animal lover, your introverted self sort of becomes that of an extrovert.

If you're serious about achieving a better connection with animals, you need a way to immerse yourself without it taking too much time away from actually spending time with your animals. You want and need artwork that lets the animals shine. Art that you can view, admire and get inspired by, on your time.

My name is Gunilla Wachtel and I'm an equine and other animal artist. My artwork is collected worldwide. My creative mission is to create dynamic and compelling, detailed drawings that not only deepen and strengthen your connection to animals but also inspires you.

Two Horses I used to know - Kanweienea Kreations

Two wonderful and amazing horses I used to know and ride.

I love all animals. Horses do have a very dear place in my heart. I spent many years taking care of and riding horses. For years now I haven't been able to go horseback riding on a regular basis. Creating horse art helps me keep in touch with them. Without horses, I feel incomplete.

A little bit about the studio

Gunilla and her husband formed the company Wachtel Enterprises LLC and later formed the DBA Kanweienea Kreations. Kanweienea Kreations is the art studio that represents Gunilla Wachtel.

The company name was inspired by the name of one of her online game mmorpg characters plus it sounded Hawaiian. They both love Hawaii and the Hawaiian islands. Since Kanweienea Kreations has an Hawaiian sound to it, that's the company name that was created for Gunilla's Studio.

What others are saying 

"In every aspect A+, great and trustworthy seller! ~ Lendelin" 

"Gunilla is a very sweet person to work with- not only is she ARTISTIC- but she is a very caring and nurturing person! I knew she had to have had some kind of connection to Hawaii... and I was right! : ) ~ Bonnie, HI" 

"Absolutely stunning horse drawing for this ACEO! A great addition to my collection of miniature art which I treasure. It was a pleasure dealing with this talented fellow artisan from start to finish with this transaction. Shipping was immediate and communication was prompt. A great shopping experience! ~ Debra, AZ" 

"Do you love your pet as much as We Love Mama Cass? Check out what we received today from @GWachtelArtist : http://ow.ly/i/2Jt92 OMD!!! ~ Helen, IN"