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Gunilla Wachtel - Pencil Art Drawings

Artist, Animal Lover, Swedish-American

Welcome to the official website of animal artist Gunilla Wachtel from Kanweienea Kreations studio.

GunillaWachtel.com is the official website of internationally known artist Gunilla Wachtel from Kanweienea Kreations studio. With her creative mission "Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art," Gunilla's realistic pencil animal art drawings makes the perfect gift for any animal lover. Her intricate and hyper realistic in demand drawings become unique and stunning additions to any decor. 

Love animals and wish to adorn your walls with animal art? Fill your walls with intricate drawings and art prints of animals. Original art is an investment, but it also gives you the satisfaction of owning a unique original by animal artist Gunilla Wachtel. Whether you are looking for equine art, marine life art, drawings of wildlife, dogs or other animal art, take a look through the gallery.

On the about page you can read more about Gunilla. Did you know that she is a Swedish-American and loves working in pencil? If you check out the blog you can read about the ninja kitties Tuxie and Blazey, the fluffy Newfoundland dog Cleo and the tabby-tastic Tiggy as well as about sketches, drawings and much more. The studio pets are an important part of the family and any pets that's part of their family, passed or not, always hold a dear place in their heart. If you look, you can also find a blog post or more about Empress Missy, the beautiful black kitty.

Gunilla loves horses and has for as long as she can remember. She spent a lot of time with horses, horse-back riding and working in stables. Although for some time now she has not been able to go riding very often, she still loves horses just as much as ever. Drawing lots of horses also keeps her in touch with them.