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The Making of a Beach Stone Necklace

Preparing the Canvas Well, nature's ocean waves already prepared this canvas technically, but I want to make sure the paint adheres properly. In the picture below, you can see some of the beach rocks (accompanied by some gecko charms...) before they were drilled. I personally look through these beach rocks and decide where the hole should be drilled. Hubby then drills them for me. The rocks are cleaned and let dry a minimum of 24 hours before I paint them. Making the Clasp - if one is needed Some necklaces I choose to have an adjustable sliding knot for or...

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Toga the Polar Bear

We are having quite the heat wave here on the East Coast and it seems as though most of the mainland U.S. is getting it too. Very hot and muggy today again. Cleo likes to hang out downstairs mostly during this heat because it is cooler. We tend to hang out mostly downstairs too. Our air-conditioning doesn't work, but we are hoping to be able to fix it soon. I thought of this one video that I recorded another year, of Toga the Polar Bear. It is quite refreshing to watch lol. Hope you like it too!

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Beautiful Horse 29, a WIP

artwork in progress horses

Today I thought I would share with you a work in progress of my popular drawing "Beautiful Horse 29." This shows you a little bit of the process that went into creating this very detailed horse drawing. Most of my drawings take many hours to put together. Even ACEO cards can take quite a while to complete if a lot of detail although small miniature artworks. "Beautiful Horse 29" is 9" x 12". ]

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My Creative Mission: "Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art"

"Conveying the beautiful essence of animals in art" Last blog post I gave you a small tour of my studio. Today’s blog post is about my creative mission and explaining that further. As an artist my creative mission is “conveying the beautiful essence of animals in art.” Many artists draw and paint animals, and why not? Animals are such amazing personalities. I’ve loved animals my whole life and they have been a contributing factor to making me the person and artist that I am. As someone who loves to put a lot of detail in their art, especially with drawings,...

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An inside look at the studio

cats dogs studio helpers studio news

My studio, is upstairs and downstairs.. and sometimes at my computer desk too. However, I have most of my art studio upstairs so I can try and stay organized with paints, brushes, canvases, inventory and more. During summer I often try to airbrush downstairs in the garage, but it gets way too cold in winter. So I have a special filter fan I put in the window when airbrushing upstairs. I must admit, there is sometimes more dog hair on the carpet then you can see in the pictures. Cleo is a cutie, but she is very fluffy and she...

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