About the artist

Experience the Timeless Magic of Equine Art with a Viking Pencil Artist.

Hear me, nice folk! I am Gunilla Wachtel, an artist of equines and other creatures.

From the mighty beasts of the wild to the gentle companions of man, their beauty, power, and poise have always captivated me.

To me, horses are the epitome of majesty on this great Earth, and I am driven to capture their likeness through my art.

My passion for these noble creatures is unmatched, and I strive to infuse every piece with the same awe-inspiring spirit they embody.

My preferred medium is the mighty pencil, though I also wield the humble brush of acrylics when the mood strikes.

I revel in the challenge of capturing the perfect moment, be it through the lens of my camera or the tip of my pencil, and use my own photographs as inspiration for my intricate creations.

So come, gather round, and join me in celebrating the wonder of these majestic creatures through my art.