Commission an Animal Portrait

It can be a horse, a dog or any animal you want.

When you commission Gunilla Wachtel to do a one of a kind original drawing for you: 

  • Gunilla will discuss the work via email. 
  • Good reference photos are a must and you have to have the copyright to use those photos. 
  • 50% non-refundable down-payment is required before starting work - no exceptions.

Friesian Horse and Cat Pencil Drawing Gunilla Wachtel Kanweienea Kreations     

How much?

This depends on the subject, sketch or detailed drawing, but base prices start at $499 for a sketch.

Commission Process Explained

1. Contact me via the contact page. Let me know what size artwork, how many subjects etc and I can quote you a price. Please allow at least 2 business days for a response.

2. After that I'll give you an email to which you can send photos for the portrait or custom artwork. Once I approve the photos, I'll email or mail you a commission contract.

3. If there is a waiting list, you will be notified thereof.

4. 50% non-refundable down-payment is due before starting the work - no exceptions.

You will be provided with a photographic proof or scan of what I will be drawing (a general layout) before I begin working on it. This way you'll know exactly what you will be getting and you can see if you want any changes done in advance. 

If more than 2 changes, there are additional fees.

5. You will be emailed a copy-written jpeg or photo of your artwork for final approval. The remaining 50% is due when the drawing is completed.

6. Once I have received the final (and cleared) payment, I will ship your artwork. 

If you did not approve the final scan or photo, I keep the artwork, and you do not pay the remaining balance on your project. However, as stated earlier, the down-payment is non-refundable. We retain the right to create and sell prints from the original artwork unless otherwise agreed upon.

* If you like the drawing and accept the final draft you get the original but I retain the print rights to my artwork.

If you mailed (not e-mailed) me original photos I will return them to you. The artwork however, is my copyright.

All images and artwork are copyrighted by the artist. The rights are not transferred with the sale. I reserve the right to any reproductions of the artwork or images. The copyright of the portrait remains with the artist. Do not reproduce.