Keeping Up with the 365 Sketches Creative Project - Sort of

Alright, so I have been slacking a bit on this project, I know. My eye-strain got worse and I had to get a lot done in the studio. I happened to look over at my sketchbook today and decided that, it was time to post about this project again, for those that follow along. It started as a daily project/post updates, but as it turns out I can't always post the updates on it daily. So, sometimes I post a weekly(-ish) update on it. I hope you have all been well and here is the most recent sketches in the 365 sketches project. This project by the way, has more like taken on the approach that I plan to create 365 sketches in about a year, not necessarily daily.

Sketches #48 - #51

Sketch #48. Eye-strain acting up. Trying to stay off the computer as far as white backgrounds are concerned and overall too. Just texture and pencil strokes for today's sketch.

Sketch #49 - #51. Not all sketches are big sketches. Here are a lot of smaller sketches and studies of horses. I drew a little quick sketch of Cleo too.

There are more updates from the 365 sketches project if you would like to see those. 

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