Studio Helpers - the Furry Family Members

Today I thought I'd introduce you to our studio helpers. They are all cute and friendly and help in different ways.

Tiggy the Tabby

Some of Tiggy's favorite hobbies include napping on my drafting table, play with the other cats and snuggle with her best friend Cleo.

Blazey the Tuxedo Kitty

Blazey is cute and very helpful too. She has taken it upon herself (we're thinking Missy had a word with both her and Tuxie) to check on me. She tries to make sure I'm okay and tries to keep an eye on me. If I'm ever the slightest bit upset or even raise my voice to holler at someone from downstairs to upstairs, there is the Blazey checking on me. Some of her favorite hobbies include window hunting, cat naps and playing with the other cats, particularly her sister Tuxie.

She also will make sure that I get off the computer if she thinks I'm spending too much time on it. Her strategies include, but aren't limited to, stepping in front of my keyboard, stepping on the keyboard, sitting on the computer mouse and bumping my legs. 

Tuxie - the Tuxedo kitty

The cute little Tuxie also tries to make sure I'm okay. She tends to sleep on the chair behind me when I'm working on the computer. See how comfy she is?

Tuxie also likes to hang out with me in the studio when I work. When she is not in the studio and I'm working there, you can usually find her laying outside the studio in the hallway, "guarding" the door.

Tuxie also likes to take the "saddle blanket" off Othello to try and re-decorate the studio some. Featured in picture, besides Tuxie, is Othello the stuffed toy horse and one of Tuxie's and Blazey's toys, "Baby Bunny."

Her hobbies include playing with the other cats, especially her sister Blazey, cat naps and catnip.

Cleo - the newftastic newfie

Cleo is the big girl and gets along with all the other pets. Tuxie loves to chill with Cleo as you can see in this somewhat older picture. See how proud Tuxie is to lay next to her big friend? Cleo is snoozing up a storm here... 

Cleo is enjoying laying on the back porch on a sunny day in this picture. Her hobbies include playing, walks and hikes. Below is a keychain (printed in studio) of Cleo as a puppy. Her eyes were really that blue! As she got older, her eyes changed colors but she is still a very pretty newfie!


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