Studio Notes - Animal Helpers

I actually have the upstairs art studio, which is its own room although not that big, and part of the garage. I use the garage studio area when I varnish items etc. The animals aren't allowed to go into the garage when I am working there, they usually wait outside then. However, for the upstairs studio, I do usually allow them in there, unless I should happen to be airbrushing. I started on airbrushing some years ago, but due to different reasons I don't often get to airbrush too much.

I have tried to keep the cats and dog out of the studio when I'm working and although Cleo is usually good about respecting the door being closed, the cats are not as polite in that respect. They will scrape at the door. They will jump at the door. When I have the door open though the animals usually come to keep me company.

Hm. See that little drawer over there? It is possible that Blazey opened it in search of kneaded erasers and other fun "kitty" toys. I have tried to put stuff away neatly every time after I work (so that they won't take anything and run off with). They will however, open drawers in search of kneaded erasers. I'm not sure what it is about those. I did have some ideas about it, and I made this comic strip one time, inspired by the cats love of these erasers.

This comic strip was created  before Missy passed away. Missy never did see the fun in taking my art supplies. She would love when I worked on my artwork and she would lay close to me to keep me company. Just like the kittens (well more like cats now, they are over a year now) literally lead me into the studio and make sure I start working in there, Missy would do the same. She would, just like they do now, look approvingly when I'm working in there.

Tiggy usually leaves them alone unless I happen to forget a kneaded eraser out. Tiggy does however, love my drafting table. She says it makes a nice bed. I can tell she likes my sketchbook too.

Here is a picture of Cleo and Tuxie.

"Penguin Bear" is (usually) on one of the shelves in the studio. It is a little stuffed toy/collectible that sort of looks like a penguin, sort of looks like a bear. He used to have two "wings." One of them "mysteriously" disappeared and was found on the floor in the house somewhere. We put the wing next to him on the shelf in the studio... and again.... Penguin Bear was swept off his feet by the kittens and his wing (the one we hadn't attached back on yet) was gone and is still gone. I'm not sure what it is about Penguin Bear that they like so much. They will nicely line him up outside the studio door, next to it that is, and then tell me to go in the studio...

Animals are such an inspiration in my daily life as well as for my artwork. Animals are friends, family as well as trusted companions.

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— Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art

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