Blazey - the Tuxedo Studio Kitten

Well, I guess if you want to get technical about it, Blazey is bigger than a kitten, at a little bit over one year old.... but, she is still our little girl! :). Both her and Tuxie love to hang out in the studio. The windows that are a little bit high up (with window sills to boost), appeal to their love of climbing, but they also love to follow me around the house and hang out where I am.

The other day I was resting in the studio. I had to try and get some thinking time in, was sort of stuck on what to do. I was just stretched out on the wood floor leaning back on my studio horse Othello (stuffed animal plush), he makes an awesome pillow. Anyways so I hear some scratching and some kitten yawning and I look around, no cats to be seen..... but... then I see where Blazey is. She is laying in one of my boxes where I keep cloths handy for painting.

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