Random Thoughts from the Studio 4

I think I still have somewhere in my sketchbook the layout/possibly ready sketch for Random Thoughts 5 and 6. That's how far as I got in the series though. Random Thoughts from the Studio is a little fun project where I don't worry so much about sketching out things perfect, just trying to write a visual blog post so to speak (draw).

This one was drawn in response to how animals have this certain way to cheer us up when we are sad or just not really having that good a day to begin with. Blazey always tries to make sure that I'm okay. She also loves to climb all over the desk (and me) if I'm on the phone. Which then of course distracts me and I can't think now sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about at all. "Thanks" Blazey... people who have cats and/or like pets in general understand why I suddenly forgot what I was saying because I just got fluffed with a cat tail or the cat fluff-bumped me to say hi.

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