R.I.P. Missy - Our Beautiful Cat

R.I.P. Missy. March 2001 - August 25, 2014

Our beautiful little Missy was a pretty little cat with a big attitude or as we like to call it cattitude. She was a trooper, a fighter and a loner that loved company. She wasn't fond of other cats although she would approve of them if necessary. The only one she liked (sort of) was Blazey, because Blazey would check on me, try to take care of me and make sure I was okay. Just like Missy always had done. She really didn't like dogs although she accepted Cleo and in her own way, loved Cleo too. Cleo was maybe just too big for her to mess with, but Cleo also has a friendly attitude and gets along with most.

It was a sad, sad day yesterday when we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Missy. She hadn't been doing so well for maybe a week and a half, seemed to be some bad kitty flu. We couldn't afford to take her to the vet but my mom pitched in so we could get Missy in for a checkup. Unfortunately, we got some really bad news. The vet said that Missy had a large tumor in her belly and that there was nothing they could do. Missy might only have a few days left and that she was in a lot of pain. Missy being such a trooper you couldn't really tell too much, she just "sucked it up." The cat you see in the picture is a healthy weight. In a short time Missy lost a ton of weight and towards the end was very skinny. She was always a "pretty kitty" and she would have wanted to appear her best on the internet. I know it. We thought she was beautiful no matter what, but because I knew how Missy would want to be remembered, I didn't take pictures of her at her skinniest.

Missy had helped us through much during the years, been a loving friend, companion and family member. It was our turn to step up and do what was best for her. We are absolutely heartbroken over the loss of Missy. Eventually maybe it will hurt less, but for now, it is hard to go into the studio. The only reason I didn't just toss all my stuff away was because Missy. You see, she used to go in and keep me company where ever I worked. She liked me sitting down to draw especially. If I didn't "hop to it," she would sometimes basically lead me over to the drafting table to get work done. I suspect she preferred me drawing (although she didn't mind me painting either) because I spill paint and well, she didn't want paint on her. Not that I ever spilled paint on her to begin with, just sayin'.

She was not just a pet. Pets usually aren't to most people. They are like one of my friends put it, "fuzzy family members." We will never forget Missy. We love her so much.

Missy would have said to keep my pricing for now, so I will. If you don't like the price, you don't have to buy it, like Melissa Dinwiddie said. I might send out email newsletters to subscribers with some offers of pay what you want pricing, but only to email newsletter subscribers. The only reason I didn't just straight up and quit my artwork after the blow of all of a sudden losing our best friend, is because she would have wanted me to keep working at it. She would have said it is worth it and if no one wants to buy then you still keep trying. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It is NEVER just a pet. NEVER!

Right now I'm certainly not up to marketplaces like Artfire and Etsy. I don't have time or energy to work on more than one website/studio. Plus I will be limiting the time I spend on social media and will use some platforms more than others.

For Missy. The cat that helped me through bedrest twice. Hubby had set up a computer next to the bed so I could at least slouch and sort of sit up and do some things (at the time it was mostly the mmorpg Everquest). I hated just laying down so sometimes I would play a little longer than maybe I should have. Missy would make sure I rested and, would ever ever EVER so carefully take the tip of her claw and ever so gently pull by the waist of the pants backwards and tell me to lay down. When I did, she would sooo gently put her head and body up against my belly and purr up a storm. And you know what, it would make me feel better. I was in a lot of pain both pregnancies. If you ever had a baby, you know that the pains toward the end are the worst. Well, I had those almost entire both pregnancies. If it wasn't for Missy I don't know how I would have dealt with it.

This was the cat that could read... one time she wanted me to get her food late, late at night. Hubby worked late evening at that time so he wasn't home. He'd forgotten to take the cat food bag down so I could reach it. I was on bedrest so I wasn't supposed to climb on a step stool or anything. Missy was persistent. I finally wrote a note to hubby. I showed it to Missy. She looked at it. Carefully. Thoughtfully. Then she let me take it easy again. When hubby got home he got the food down and got her more food.

This was the cat that did so many wonderful things for us and was such an incredibly good friend. We will always miss her.

For Missy.

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