Animal Paintings Horses Orcas and the Weather

And another project bites the dust.

You might have noticed that the 36 Paintings in 36 Days took a break... in fact I think I'm going to have to save projects like that for a while. It seems as if I start a new project things come up that pushes the project off. For example, this time it was the weather. Yes, the weather. I'll tell you why.

Snow + Ice + Warmer weather + Rain = Towels

We had gotten lots of snow and ice. Then the weather heated up temporarily and with that, came the rain. Lots of it. Usually our basement is fine, but this time the weather was extra bad. I was running back and forth with towels all day and using a wet/dry vac trying to maybe save the carpet or at least, get it dry enough that we could take it out without too much water underneath it.

We had to rip up the entire carpet which took the entire next day. Today, I'm still trying to get caught up with the laundry as well as trying to organize and clean up the basement. I've gotten enough done that I can take a short break at the computer. By the way, yeah the weather is very cold again.

I'm not posting pictures of the carpet. I can tell you it was an old carpet to begin with, and apparently there had been some flood damage before. I can tell you that there was older tile underneath the old carpet and carpet insulation so that for now, until we can fix up the basement, we have decent flooring. The kitties and Cleo are pretty interested in what is going on of course.

So, that being said, I wanted to share with you some pictures of the art work I've gotten done during the week so far. (I deleted the other posts on the project so you might have seen these before).

Some of the stuff I got done before the carpet had to be ripped up:

Some drivers are polite. Some. SO not.

Today the weather is cold, very cold. It is sunny though and I took Cleo for a nice walk earlier. I must say though, it's nice when cars give you enough space that you can walk on the road... as in, you are walking along the roadside close as you can to the yards. The car has plenty of room and is on the other side of the road. However, so that they can save their car from getting splashed with the slush, they drive over to where road marks from other cars already are. They drive maybe a meter from you and your dog (and of course, they don't even slow down). Not cool. Fortunately, Cleo is a pretty well behaved girl and didn't care too much. Although she too, was wondering what that person's problem was.

I have to say though, that we noticed several cars drove by us, that not only slowed down, they also gave us as much space as they could.

So, now what.

Well, for now anyways, I'm going to try and make some sort of blog schedule. I am thinking maybe be Friday updates on whatever I'm working on at the time. I'm considering another day for sketches, works in progress maybe etc. I'm also going to consider working in different series. Perhaps, I'll try to paint a series of 36 paintings instead, then post on the update or update weekly as I can.

But it works for others!! *Stomp.*

That's how it feels.... artists do these daily projects, post daily, share to social media etc. By the way, I don't have an iphone or anything so I can't even TRY to do instagram... Regardless of what works for others, these projects do not seem to work for me. Sure I can try to post when I can, I am certainly going to try and work in the studio daily. However, I think for now, the official "30 paintings in 30 days," "100 sketches in 100 days" etc, will have to wait.

If you got ideas of what types of updates and articles you want to read about here, let me know in comments. Thank you!

Until next blog post,

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