Work in Progress - Polo Pony Sketch

Today I wanted to share with you some work in progress pictures from a sketch of a polo pony.

When I took this paper out to work with I saw that it had gotten damaged in transit during a move. So I cut that corner off and the image sketch now measured 8 x 10 inches instead.

I cut the paper for this one using our handy dandy trimmer.

This is the type of sketch paper I used for this particular sketch.

A photo from one of the beginning stages of the sketching process.


Another picture... it is coming together here.

See? Only one pencil used to sketch this one. A photo of the final sketch. The camera LOVED the whites in this one, but it is actually not that bright white in the actual sketch.

If you liked this sketch and would like to give it a good home, you can see if it is still available for sale here.

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