Friesian Horse Pencil Art Sketch

365 Sketches - #7/365

This sketch is of a Friesian horse. I decided to scan in the page instead of taking a picture this time. This sketchbook is 8.5 x 11 inches and is a little bit bigger than the other one I was using.

Today's blurb:

365 sketches - #7/365
A sketch does not need to be a masterpiece. As I've completed this sketch Tuxie and Blazey have kept me company. True and loyal studio cats. I think they might be happy too if I ever get a Friesian horse!

Why would Tuxie and Blazey be happy if I got a Friesian horse? They would be happy because I love horses and they want me to be happy! If they even have the slightest hint I might be the teeniest bit upset about something they come check on me. Unless they taking a cat nap of course, then they might take a little bit longer to come check on me. :)

I've added a version of this sketch to the art prints category. I scanned in the original sketch and then made it darker, as well as removed my little note. If you would like a version with the written note on it, just let me know and I'll try to add it. Thanks!

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