Horse Anatomy Studies and Kitty Ninjas at it Again

365 Sketches - #9/365 - Horse Anatomy

365 Sketches #9/365
Working on some anatomy sketches of horses.

Today is sunny outside (I'm pretty sure you can tell from the photo) and I took Cleo for a nice walk earlier. Once we got back though it was time to get the sketch project done. I've started on a new drawing as well. It does take a while to finish a full-fledged drawing, so I'm going to try and take pictures of the progress of that one as I get more work done on it. I'll be trying to share the work in progress of that drawing in the newsletter.

As I'm typing this, Blazey did her thing where she just walks in front of me and stops. Says hello. Then she jumps up in the window next to me. Which at this point is really great because it is blocking out some of the bright sun that is shining on my monitor. She was jumping up on my drafting table earlier. She literally put her paws all over my sketch... I tried to take a picture of her then and, almost got a good picture. Here's the best I could do:

See that old painted t-shirt under the table? I had to try and attach that to the curtain by the one window in the studio today. The light comes in really bright. It was a challenge clipping that t-shirt on there today, I was literally closing my eyes while I did it. Migraine is back and the sun was coming in strong right there. I wanted to finish my sketch. The shirt helps block out the light some without making it too dark. It might be a simple solution, but it works pretty good usually.

Blazey was telling me to take a break and be done I think. The animals try to look out for me here and I do try to listen to them even when I really want to get my work done. Animals are awesome.

Enjoy your day! :)

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