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365 Sketches - #12/365 - cats/horse

365 Sketches - #12/365
A what was meant to be some horse sketches. Instead Tuxie and Tiggy comes in the studio as I was about to start sketching. I did draw a horse anyways! :)


Yeah.... the ninja kitties strike again! :) So I was like "okay, fine..." I tried to sketch Tuxie as she was walking around me inspecting what I was doing as well as keeping an eye on me. Then Tiggy enters the studio and keeps bopping me with her tail and herself as I'm trying to sketch. (I was sitting on the floor in the studio trying to take the best advantage of the light that was shining in brightly, yet not have it in my face or shining right on the sketchbook). Well, I did manage to draw a little horse in there anyways!

Happy Easter!

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