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365 Sketches - #14/365 - Friesian horse

365 Sketches - #14/365
Project still on-going! Special thanks to hubby and Tuxie and Blazey.


If you noticed yesterday's little blurb you saw that I considered scrapping the entire project. It sure didn't seem like anyone was visiting the blog or noticing it much on social media either. Well, after discussing it, hubby voted that I would continue with the project even if just for the practice. I'm not mentioning that just because he probably will read this, but how important that little extra support can be to all of us. So, if you know someone that you think needs a little support, give them an encouraging word, an extra share on social media. Something. I'm pretty sure they'll appreciate it.

Besides the special thanks to hubby, I'd also like to extend a special thank you to our resident Tuxedo ninjas Tuxie and Blazey. They wanted me to go in the studio and when I got in there, they were both there keeping me company for a bit. Once I grabbed out the sketchbook to draw, Tuxie especially was walking all around my feet and thought that it was the best place in the house to sit right behind my drafting chair. Uh. I asked her to move.. She is a lot smaller than Cleo who also loves to lay/sit right against the back of any chair I might sit in. Blazey tends to do the same thing too.

I decided to draw in a little Tuxie and Blazey on the sketch page. Since Tuxie was really walking around me still, I figured I'd try and draw her first. She wouldn't stay still for more than a second of course, but she was so cute! She kept fluff bumping the sketchbook repeatedly lol, and quite adamantly too! :)

In other studio news, I keep working on the new drawing. I have only found time to work on it a little bit here and there but it is in progress and I try to remember to take progress pictures. If you want to see how that drawing is developing, make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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