A Journey through Horse Sketches

365 Sketches #22/365

365 Sketches - #22/365 - Horses and a Tuxie
Sketches of horses and a foal. Little Tuxedo girl Tuxie is in here too. Tuxie came over to the sketchbook and me. She was fluff-bumping the book and purred.


Yep, I had to really hold on to the sketchbook. Tuxie was very happy I drew a little sketch of her on there too! She loves it when I work in the studio.


365 Sketches - #23/365

365 Sketches #22/365
Gotta Love horses!


365 Sketches #24/365

365 Sketches - #24/365
A Friesian horse and more. Maybe an Arabian too.


On a different note, I'm considering trying to post more often on these since writing the longer blog posts, upload/scan pictures and crop thumbnails etc is taking a lot longer than I thought. I'm trying to work out a studio schedule that doesn't involve so much time at the computer.

What type of sketches do you like to see most?

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