Artwork in Progress - Friesian Horse with Cat

The drawing "Friends" - a pencil drawing of a Friesian horse with a Cat is complete. I have taken a few pictures of the progress during the time of this drawing and thought I would share them with you in this post. If you look, you'll see it is similar to the sketch I created on day 7 of my 365 sketches project. It is however, not identical. I did try to transfer my original sketch drawing when starting this drawing, but... the transfer didn't work so I re-drew it from scratch.

I was saving these art in progress pictures to share as the drawing completed with my newsletter subscribers. I try to share new works in progress with them first. Since the drawing is now completed and posted for sale, I thought you all might enjoy watching how this drawing came together.

Without further ado, here are the pictures and a short video. The camera kinda sucks, but the more accurate lighting (I did try to adjust the lighting in Photoshop but it only works so well) is showing on the first picture here for what color paper it is. I increased the speed of the video so that it would be shorter.


Here is part of the initial sketch that I did for this drawing on the actual drawing paper. I was holding the camera with my right hand while I was drawing with my left so at some points it might be a little shakey on the camera stability. I do have a small tripod but at this point I did not have it set up. Most of this sketch video I actually had to look through the view finder to see what I was doing. A little awkward perhaps, but it worked fairly well.

Pencil drawing artwork in progress - Gunilla Wachtel

The paper is not attached to the paper pad still, I just had it there for extra support.

Yep, I try to have a paper under my hand when drawing. Sometimes I do forget though.

and ... WAIT! What is this? A cute tuxedo kitty named Tuxie??? Yep! She loves to chill in the studio while drawing. She loves to use Othello for her kitty bed. Othello is a stuffed toy horse. I know. I can't keep a real horse at the moment, but Othello is pretty cute too (and very comfy!). Plus Tuxie loves him! Yes I was just saying that there was something missing in the drawing... hm... what to add.... and uh. I looked over at Tuxie who AGAIN was laying on Othello. Tada! 

Several more pencil layers later.....

I also scanned in the original drawing to create prints of this horse and cat drawing. The scan is slightly darker than the original drawing. You might also notice how it scans in the texture of the paper as well.

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