Horses, Cats and Perspective - A Collection of Mini Sketches

365 Sketches - #27/365
Horses. Cats. Plus a little bit of perspective drawing.


Someone said in a comment on my Google plus page today that animals are as important as the air we breathe. That is so true. I would like to think it holds true even when you for whatever reason can't have an animal or different types of animals. Just having known them, or seeing them in pictures or movies even can lift animal lovers' spirits. Is it true for non animal lovers? They might not see it that way, but. Perhaps someone in their family or circle loves animals, so that in an extended effect, animals wonderfulness affect them as well although they might not be aware of it.

Today's sketch is of horses and a few sketches of Tuxie. That cute little tuxedo just sees me grab the sketchbook she usually comes to hang out around me and starts posing. Although I am still really trying to improve my cat drawing skills, Tuxie obviously likes me practicing. Horses are easier for me to draw, but Tuxie is just so cute I just have to try and draw her too. 

Blazey likes to be in the studio when I draw too, but I would say Tuxie is the one that really likes me to draw her the most. Blazey however, does like to step all over my sketchbook etc, but lately Tuxie is the one most interested. (Now I can probably expect Blazey here later to prove a point and make sure I draw her too. Just saying... not that she reads this blog (that I know of). She does like to walk by my keyboard a lot when I work on the pc.. hm.... ).

With some of these blog posts I write more than other times. Some days my titles might be pretty good, other times, maybe they could be a bit better. I decided to still post though :).

Hope you all have a great day! 

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