Sketches of Horses and Tuxie - Ballpoint Pen

Sketch #29/365 - horses and cat
365 Sketches - #29/365
Sometimes these daily sketches stretch out over more than one day. 
Rainy weather today. I hope we get better weather soon.

Yep, it's really rainy today. That gloomy East Coast type of rain too. Cleo really wanted to go for a walk but she does not like it when it is raining heavy, so we will wait a bit and see if weather clears. It is supposed to get better later, so we can go for some walks then. Hm. It says that Swedes love to talk about weather LOL, check out this blog post for 10 Good Things to Know about Sweden.

The #29/365 sketch was done over two days. Sometimes in the evening I grab my sketchbook to just sketch out some things. As I was working at my drafting table yesterday Tuxie came in to say hi. After a little bit I looked over to my right and there she was, just stretched out on her horse friend Othello.

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