Acrylic Markers, Ballpoint Pen - Sketches of Animals


365 Sketches - #30/365
Some random sketches. Acrylic markers and ballpoint pen.


Busy day today. I have a couple of ACEO cards to list as well as gathering sketch ideas etc for my next drawing. As I'm trying to post this, Tiggy chimes in. Literally, I guess, really. She is meowing up a storm. When we adopted Tiggy at about a year old, she was already set in her ways as an indoor/outdoor cat. When she doesn't get to go out when she wants to, she will meow in the most annoying way. Repeatedly. If I don't pay attention to her, she will jump up against the back of my chair, step right in front of me etc.

I'm trying to do the best I can with ignoring her behavior. She will after a while calm down but, it can take a bit. She likes to start up the meow-machine when I have to work at the computer, such as write this blog post. My Cat from Hell is one of my favorite shows, and I know that we just have to ignore her or we encourage her behavior. We have been trying to get Tiggy to be an indoor kitty only and over time (it has been several years) she has gotten better about it. She is one cute, but stubborn kitty. 

Here is a picture of Tiggy:

Have a good day everyone. Meow.

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