Strathmore Travel Sketchbook - Horses, Perspective, and Cats

365 Sketches - #32/33

This weekend was busy. We had to get new tires and as it turned out, some more things had to be replaced on the car. So, while we were waiting I got a few sketches done in my little sketch notebook I usually bring with me. Today there was lots of yard work, so I'm pretty tired and only drew a mini sketch of Tuxie and Blazey.

I'll have to replace that sketchbook when I can. As it turns out it does not do well with graphite at all. It smudges super easy etc and the paper just won't hold the graphite. Strathmore is usually much better paper, but the 50 lb (74g/m2) was not good for graphite. I think it would work well for let's say ballpoint pen.... but. pencil? not so much.

The video card for hubby's pc stopped working so we will be sharing my computer until we can replace the video card. That will be interesting since we are both gamers. I'm thinking I might get more studio time done in the evenings so that he can get to play some of his computer games then.

Tiggy is here to remind me I need to step away from the computer, so just a quick note to also say that I am probably not going to update this every day, but will try to update weekly at least. I'm going to try and get some sketches done of Tiggy as well. If you would love to see these 365 sketches updates more often, let me know in comments. Thanks!

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