Orcas, Horses, a Tabby and a very Cute and Persuasive Tuxedo Kitty

365 Sketches - #34/365
Tiggy is cute, but she won't stay still for sketches. Orcas, horses and a tabby.


I was going to save to scan in this sketch page of horses, orcas and the little Tiggy until another day later in the week. This morning though, Tuxie especially has been following me around the house. I forgot something upstairs so I have to go get that. Then I realize I needed something else from the upstairs studio (no laptop yet so I have to use the desktop pc down here). Every time Tuxie came with me. Then when I was about to head upstairs again to be done at the pc for now, I realized Tuxie had laid down to snooze on the desk chair behind me. And I just had to stay down here a little bit more with her. Tuxedo kitty. Cuteness.

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