Tuxie the Persuasive and Cute Tuxedo Kitty

Tuxie is certainly very cute and persuasive. Like I mentioned in my blog post Orcas, Horses, a Tabby and a very Cute and Persuasive Tuxedo Kitty, Tuxie was following me around like she and Blazey usually do. This time though when I was forgetting a pencil, or a book, or a whatever it was that I had to get, she was going up and down the stairs with me constantly.

As I was about to take my sketchbook with me upstairs and be done on the computer for now, I turned around to get up and saw Tuxie laying on the computer chair behind me. Snoozing soundly. Well, sort of soundly, she would open one eye just barely to keep an eye on me and see what I was up to. I asked her to stay there... because I wanted to get the camera to share a picture of her! So she waited and now she is back asleep again. Gotta love animals! :)

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