Tuxie the Studio Helper

365 Sketches - #35/365
Tired... Missing Hawaii...
I thought I heard a Tuxie walking around the studio while I was at the drafting table. Shortly after when I looked, kitty in a box.
When I started drawing Tuxie, she purred loudly!


Yep, I was working a lot on getting aceo prints ready to list today. I was trying to figure some things out in Photoshop too so I was pretty tired by the time I got to sit down at my drafting table. The weather was quite nice today. The spring weather had that little bit of chill in the air and bright blue clear skies. No palm trees though and the little bit of wind didn't exactly translate to ocean breezes. We sure miss Hawaii!

Tuxie came to join me shortly after I got in the studio and she found their favorite Hawaiian Punch blue box. It has (dry!) cloths in it so I guess it makes a comfy bed too. Her sister Blazey likes that one as well.

I was actually organizing notes and reference material before I even started to think about drawing. When I knew Tuxie had come in the studio I just had to at the minimum get some sketching done, even if very tired. After I drew some horses I took my sketchbook and sat down on the floor so I could get a better view of Tuxie. Once she knew I was sketching her (which did not take long at all!) she started purring up a storm. Yep. She was very happy and approved. 

Not sure if you can guess from the picture but, that metal shelf is to the left of my drafting table so she found a spot close to me as I was drawing.

Depending on how busy studio time is and everything else, I might not be able to post updates to the sketch project every day. I am going to try and post updates to it weekly at least if I can't post daily or almost daily. Today I had a little bit of extra time here in the early evening and I hope you liked this post. If you want to see more of the previous 365 sketches projects you can find those posts by clicking the tag 365sketches in the sidebar.


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