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365 Sketches - #36/#37/365
Tuxie, Blazey, Tiggy and a cute horse or two.


So I did work on a sketch yesterday but didn't get a chance to upload it then. I combined the two sketches on one page. When editing the picture to get the proper thumbnail size and saving for web I noticed there was a color shift to the picture. It seems to mostly do it to the whiter backgrounds and not so much let's say if I take a picture of a painting etc. 

I also tried saving it as png which turned out better and a regular, lower quality jpeg. Those did not have that noticeable color shift. Some pictures are more noticeable than others though. If you look at this blog post, Sketches of Horses and Tuxie - ballpoint pen, the picture did not shift in color there at all really and it's a "save for web" jpeg.

I've tried to do some research on this and it seems to be combination of one's monitor as well as an issue with Photoshop itself.

I don't want to put the same picture in over and over again, but for comparison, here is the lower quality jpeg of the same picture as above.

Do you notice a difference in the quality of the pictures?

Note that even when saving a scanned thumbnail as "save for web" it will occasionally do the color shift as well.



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