A Weekly Roundup of the Creative Sketch Project

365 Sketches - #38 - #41

Tiggy was meowing her Let me out right now or I will drive you nuts "meow", which made some of these sketches quite difficult. I did my best to ignore her so that I could try and finish the sketch page I was on. She later forgot about it and took a long cat nap instead. However, she does really tend to wait to ask until I sit down to work with something.

This is sketch #38 and #39. 

I was watching the Kentucky Derby recorded on TV in the evening and once Tuxie knew I had the sketch book, little Tuxie came to keep me company.

Sketch #40.

Sketch #41. Is a daily project a daily project if not posting every day? Sure could be. Also, some days I draw one sketch, then next day maybe I add something to it.

The 365 sketches project started out where I would post daily updates to my sketch project where I try to draw a sketch every day. I have to limit my computer time some so I can get more work done in the studio. I try to now update the 365 sketches project once or twice a week. As you might be able to tell, the save for web decided to do a bit of a color shift again when saving the file. 

Some of these "roundups" might not have a sketch per day. I don't always get a chance to update the project daily and sometimes I end up working on the same sketch for more than one day. The project is still though for 365 sketches, it just might not be a "daily" sketch all the time.

Enjoy your day!

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