Blazey the Wasp Huntress - Plus Sketches of Horses and Cats

Blazey got extra treats today. I kept hearing this buzzing sound in the studio and couldn't figure out where it was. After looking many times, I gave up and sat down to work on the sketch book. Blazey even jumped up on the table to walk around on it. Yes, on sketch book and all. She was looking for where the sound came from I guess... 

After a bit I noticed that she was most insistent looking for something over by Othello's back leg. I moved Othello and there.... was a big wasp.... uuuuh!!!!!!! (I am allergic to wasps and bees....). Yikes! I tried to get the wasp with my slipper but then Blazey decided she was gonna swat it and swat it good. Eeek! Now the thing was buzzing around... after a while the wasp landed and Blazey showed me again where it was. Shortly thereafter, there was one less wasp on Earth.

Well I got back to my sketch book to finish sketch #43. Today I wanted to show you sketch #42 as well as #43. Yesterday Tuxie was keeping me company in the studio as usual and today as well both her and Blazey were keeping me company. Today though Tuxie was mostly laying outside the studio "guarding" and Blazey was hunting in the studio. 

Enjoy your day!

The 365 sketches project started out where I would post daily updates to my sketch project where I try to draw a sketch every day. I have to limit my computer time some so I can get more work done in the studio. I try to now update the 365 sketches project once or twice a week at least.

Some of these "roundups" might not have a sketch per day. I don't always get a chance to update the project daily and sometimes I end up working on the same sketch for more than one day. The project is still though for 365 sketches, it just might not be a "daily" sketch all the time.

Enjoy your day!

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