The Newf Reviews - Softbite Flexible Disc

It is the newfie's Youtube debut. Check it out!

Softbite Flexible disc is a soft frisbee that has very durable fabric. Our newfie loves to play tug (as you can see in the video), and the disc holds up very well. You used to be able to find it at Petsmart and I actually had a link for it. When I went to try and pin the post on pinterest, I realized the Petsmart link didn't work anymore. I tried searching Petsmart's site for it but couldn't find it. However, you can find this soft frisbee on Amazon still (as of June 2015 anyways), just search for softbite (or soft bite) in pet toys section.

There is the possibility that Petsmart re-did their site and some of their links no longer works. I tried to do a Google search for Petsmart softbite disc (as well as the version with the word being two parts) and it does come up with links, but the links just bring you to the main Petsmart site. Ugh.

Anyways, these discs are still holding strong and the only reasons they are now a bit worn out and frayed is because the kitties have decided they like this toy too!

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