How to Care for your Beach Stone Necklace from Kanweienea Kreations

How to Care for your Beach Stone Necklace from Kanweienea Kreations

The beach stone necklaces I make are pretty durable. They are ocean rocks after all, and often the clasp is made of a drilled river rock. There are however, a few things to keep in mind to make your necklace look as bright and vibrant as possible longer.

Recommendations on how to care for your beach stone necklace

  • You can wear it in the rain! I would not recommend soaking it in water though, or taking a shower with it, due to the painting that is on them. The painting has been coated with a few light coats of hardy UV-resistant varnish. The painting is done with acrylic paints, which are supposed to be water fast once dry. I just want to add the extra protection of the clear coat for the painting on the rocks. The back of the rock is not normally varnished. I like to leave the back of it unvarnished because it reveals the smooth, wonderful texture of the beach stone.
  • If you need to clean it, just use a damp cloth to wipe it off with, then dry with a soft cloth. If it still looks wet, for example some darker spots, that will dry out later. It might take a few hours or much less.
  • Wear it lots! :) The beach stone necklaces are rustic, but they are organic and feel wonderful to wear! Plus, they look good with any outfit, whether it be a casual style of blue jeans with a white t-shirt or blouse, or something more dressy such as business attire. A beach stone necklace would also look great with a lovely dress.

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