Artwork in Progress - Pelican

As I tried to take yet another picture with the phone, my thoughts drifted like a thin leaf in the strong wind. Oh, I need a new phone. Or. Hm. I need to troubleshoot this, maybe there's a fix? So, I ended up spending about 30 minutes or more troubleshooting the blurriness only to not find a solution. I did find it's a fairly common issue with the phone I have.

So, to be able to provide you with an artwork in progress update of the pelican drawing, here is the most non blurry picture I was able to take. In case you are wondering, the blurriness doesn't seem to have much to do with the technique of taking the pictures. It didn't do it the first few months I had the phone.

Pelican Drawing Artwork in Progress

The strong minded pelican might not appreciate the blurriness of the photo, but nonetheless, he's taking shape on the paper here.

So... what do you think about the drawing so far? Love it or hate it?

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