Artwork in Progress - and the Benefits of Studio Helpers

My neck cracked loudly again and I sighed to myself. I really have had enough of the weather here, but we can't afford to move yet, so it was time for a bit of a self pity party almost. Then I thought of the cute little Tuxie and Blazey who had both kept me company in the studio this morning. They are just so cute and it makes them happy when I'm in the studio. So, I can feel pretty darn sick and at least try to get work done or even just be in the studio. Do you have similar experiences with your animals?

Tuxie the studio kitty Kanweienea Kreations

Baby Tuxie supervising my work.

In the Studio

Here are some pictures from the artwork in progress of the horse on black drawing board.

horse drawing in progress Gunilla Wachtel

Horse drawing artwork in progress Gunilla Wachtel 

So... what do you think?

Random Thoughts and Not So Random Thoughts

To wrap up, I'm trying to get a better strategy going for content I create. Shopify might be a great platform overall, but their blog leaves a lot to be desired.


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