Construction is in Da House

Tiredly, I sat down at my laptop table, reached for the keyboard and was about to start typing when...

KABLAM! Hammers, drills, ladders being placed. Doors opening, being left open. 

I went to see and again told the crew to please keep the doors closed we have animals. Usually they are pretty good at it but I'm on my toes for this still. So far they are doing an awesome job with the work on the house.

They all seem to really like the animals, especially Cleo! It would be nice if they were better at keeping doors closed though, but it's getting better! They are now trying to tell me ahead of time if they for whatever reason need to keep them open.

Hm? I was about to write something? Didn't I just write a blog post yesterday? OH. Four days ago. Whoops.

Anyways, we somewhat unexpectedly were all of a sudden able to get some work done to the house. There wasn't really much notice, a few days maybe.

So far I have access to the studio here and my laptop but that might not be the case for at least during the day here, for this week.

Here is a photo of something I was working on last week or so. I had a migraine but felt like I had to try and work on something at least. At the time it had been a few days already since I could get any work done.

Creative Dabble Time - Kanweienea Kreations

 and the construction sounds continue... difficult to focus. 

Thanks for reading

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