Newfoundland Dog Painting - Tranquil Ocean View

Newfoundland Dog Painting 8x10 Gunilla Wachtel

8x10 canvas panel painting in acrylic. Gunilla Wachtel. - Click to view auction and to have the opportunity to bid.

  • Title: Tranquil Ocean View
  • Artist: Gunilla Wachtel
  • Size: 8x10
  • Medium: acrylic on canvas panel
  • Artist Note: Newfoundland dogs are one of my favorite breeds. They have such giant personalities! They are fluffy, kind, and you know they sport an attitude to go with it. I love the ocean and Newfoundland dogs do too. That was the inspiration for this acrylic painting. Thanks for looking!

Copyright: All rights reserved.

This is one of my paintings from the studio vault going up for eBay auction. Good luck and I hope you win!

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