Sketchbook work

Today I am trying out the Shopify app for posting to my blog post so maybe that will be a little quicker and easier for me to get it done.

Sketchbook work

I've been working in my sketchbook while sitting on the couch and keeping our newfie Cleo company.

Just a little note on the quicker for me to get it done yet no it wasn't quicker. The Shopify app was bugged for adding pictures. You would have it ready to upload picture. It would upload the picture and then that insert image option disappeared.

I was about to leave the blog post without any pictures because I didn't want to spend an hour or two with support trying to figure it out. 

However I just realized that it seems to only do this in portrait mode. It wasn't possible to move down the page either. I tried that but what you saw is what you got. 

If you switch your phone to landscape mode you will see the insert image option and you can insert the image into your post. I just want to mention that in case it helps someone else.

Enjoy your day!
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