Snow, Ice and Wind. Burr!

Although I was working at my pc in our basement and we had a heater on, I realized I had to go upstairs where it was warmer.

To my feet, it felt as cold as if we were about to get a visit from a family of polar bears. As I forced myself upstairs with what sounded like stomping angry feet, I found myself wishing for some very warm and very fuzzy slippers.

If you heard about the snowstorm hitting the East Coast, it didn't hit our area too bad. It's mostly the cold temperatures and the windchill, not the amount of snow.

I've been working some in the studio, and I posted a picture from my sketchbook in the newsletter.

I'll be trying to set up a better system for keeping up with blog posts and newsletters.

Wanted to add here, that after I wrote this blog post, we've got another cold spell, and the high school has been closed for several days now due to the frigid temperatures (at the time of writing this blog post).

Enjoy your day!

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