Some Thoughts on Human Writing vs AI Writing

In these days of many using AI tools to create their writing, there are some who think that just because the writing is well structured, complex and well put together, it's an AI who wrote it. There are some amazing writers out there who are extremely creative and intelligent, (I'm talking about humans here, sorry AI).

This could apply to the art world too, but, I'm going to be focusing on the writer's aspect in this blog post.

So what's the problem? The problem, at least one of them, is when these writers are accused of using AI. The AI detectors that are out there are tools, and they aren't perfect tools by far. At this point, there still needs to be human oversight to it. That being said, sometimes, elaborate human writing, is indeed seen as "human," by these AI detector tools.

That's awesome, isn't it? I know, that previous paragraph is perhaps seen as confusing, but bear with me here. So, now, in some cases, there are humans overseeing these results (that's usually a good thing). It's then an a bit of an oxymoron that the human becomes the problem in some of these instances, whereas the AI was actually correct.

You see, the humans might think the writing is too complex to be human. The humans overseeing these types of processes need to be excellent writers themselves, so that they are better able to judge the style writing. It's not necessarily about what topic it's about, but being knowledgeable about the topic at hand would be beneficial.

What are your thoughts on this?
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