Some thoughts on Instagram and Organizing the studio

Hi everyone, so today I need to organize the studio some.  I remembered that I needed to post to Instagram so I tried to do that. At that point, I saw that although I had on linked my Facebook account, it was still there.

I am not sure if you need to have  a personal Facebook account linked to Instagram just to use it, but it kind of looks like it.

At this point, or should I say at least for now, I have decided to not use Facebook for my business. After the latest announcement about further filtering of the timelines as far as businesses are concerned, I thought that perhaps for now Facebook won't work for us.

 I need to organize and de-clutter the studio some today. After that I hope to be able to get some good drawing time in.

Sketchbook Kanweienea Kreations

Our newest fur baby Antonio, follows me around the house and keeps me company in the studio. He is quite the sweetheart.

 I hope you all have a wonderful day!




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